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What are Japanese Chiyogami Papers?

japanese craft paper

July 24, 2019

When we first came across Japanese Chiyogami papers, we were instantly inspired to incorporate this remarkable product into our own handmade story and share the collection with the crafting world. And since, our customers have always been captured by the bold and bright colours, unique designs and quality texture that is unlike any other traditional paper. But there is more to this paper than just decoration.

Early Chiyogami paper can be traced back to the Edo period (1603-1868) where the delicate designs were inspired the silky kimono that defines Japanese fashion. The Japanese have since developed a long history of paper making that is of unmatched quality and continue to craft the detailed, patterned papers available from Artcuts today.

japanese papers

Made in the heart of Japan by Japanese families, the paper itself is screen printed by hand, a timely process where each exquisite colour is printed individually before carefully applied atop the next. Each design is then coated with a gold or silver metallic sheen that brings the intense colour and luxury to surface. During this process the papers are touched by human hands up to eight times showcasing the attentiveness and commitment that machine-made paper craft companies cannot compete with. The final product is fibrous to touch and, despite its light weight, a strong, durable paper that is perfect for applying to our Artcuts birch wood shapes.

In an industrial world paper making by hand in this way is a dying art as people begin to demand volume and speed over quality. And so, for crafters and makers, this incredible legacy and provenance only adds to the undeniable value of the Chiyogami papers and in turn, enhances ordinary crafting projects.

handmade japanese papers

Our range of handmade Japanese papers are perfect for covering our birch wood shapes, book binding and in creative craft. Our collection of beautiful mixed packs are packaged specifically for origami as well as pocket-sized packs, ideal for cardmaking or smaller craft projects. See our full handpicked collection here.

If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve mastered a decoupage technique that leaves you with a flawless decorated shape – watch the video tutorial here.