Let’s Make: Origami Stars

Lets Make Origami Chiyogami Paper Stars

May 3, 2017

Add festive sparkle to your home this Christmas with these clever origami stars! Use our Chiyogami papers to make these amazing folded shapes. All you will need is a pair of scissors, a sheet of our Chiyogami paper and ribbon to hang!

Step 1 – Creating a Pentagon. To begin you will need to cut the Chiyogami paper to a 15cm x 15cm square. For the first step you will need to fold and cut a pentagon. Watch this really easy step-by-step video here to guide you through this.

Step 2 – Folding the Star. This involves folding the paper several times to create the star. We found another easy video here. Want to see step-by-step diagrams? Check out this page for helpful tips.

Punch a hole to hang coordinating ribbon and you could even create a garland by attaching the stars to a length of ribbon!

Send us a photo of your star on instagram (@artcuts) or tag us on facebook!

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