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Let’s Make: Wooden Summer Coasters

June 19, 2020

Add style and summer colours to your dining table with a vibrant set of wooden coasters made and decorated by you. These four coasters, each with a tropical theme, are a great way to brighten up your home and protect your table tops! Here’s a detailed step-by-step on how to paint, stamp and varnish your own wooden coasters.

To make the calathea coaster, you will need:

(You can use the same techniques below for any colour acrylic paint and rubber stamp you like!)

How to make:

  1. Start by painting the entire wooden coaster with coral blush acrylic paint, including the reverse side and edges.
  2. Once dry, paint a second coat all over, ensuring the dark wood doesn’t show on the edges.
  3. Gently sand the top side of your coaster for a smooth finish.
  4. Re-apply a layer of paint if needed and gently re-sand once dry.
  5. Tear a small piece of masking tape and stick to the reverse side of your coaster. Secure your coaster to your work surface/table. This will keep your coaster in place whilst you stamp.
  6. Apply the pearlescent ivy ink pad to the calathea rubber stamp, ensuring the whole motif is evenly coated.
  7. Firmly press the stamp directly onto the wooden coaster and hold for roughly 4 seconds.
  8. Carefully lift the stamp off the coaster.
  9. Re-apply the ink to the stamp and continue to stamp the entire coaster until it is decorated. You can stamp off the edge of the coaster for a seamless pattern.
  10. Leave your coaster to dry. We recommend overnight if you can to ensure the ink does not smudge.
  11. Once fully dry, apply a thin layer of varnish to your coaster for a shimmery finish and leave to dry. The varnish will seal the wood, making it waterproof.

Done! Your coaster is ready to go!

Watch the full how-to video here: