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Let’s Make: Spring Bouquet Step-By-Step

April 17, 2020

Spring is here and although we may not be able to enjoy the outdoors we can most definitely bring the outside in! This week we’re really excited to launch our wooden spring bouquet, the perfect decoration to brighten your home during lockdown. This project was designed as a workshop for the Country Living Fair, and whilst this can no longer go ahead, we’ve created a helpful step-by-step guide on how to ink, stamp and decorate your free-standing bouquet:

(Scroll to the bottom for the video)

You will need:

How to make:

Step 1: Gently colour the stems on the wooden vase base with your aloe vera ink pad. You can apply the sponge ink pad straight onto the wood and try to work with the direction of the wood grain. Mask off the vase section with a piece of paper for a clean and straight edge. Make sure to ink all of the stems and avoid inking the flower heads as these will be coloured/covered.

Step 2: Next, colour the top of the daisy flower with your persimmon ink pad. Don’t worry if it isn’t neat as your petal embellishment will cover any mess!

Step 3: Colour all of your little floral embellishments with your ink pads. Make sure to check your embellishments are the correct way round before colouring. You can choose any colour combination you like, we’ve gone for:

Bud embellishments – persimmon
Daisy petals – pink grapefruit
Flower head petals – persimmon
Flower head centre (dot) – pink grapefruit
Branch – pink grapefruit

Step 4: Decorate your wooden vase! Gently apply colour to your mini wooden stamps (jasmine & rectangle) and stamp directly onto the wood. Make sure to re-apply your ink between each impression and clean your stamp before changing colour.

Step 5: Dab a cotton bud into the ink pads to achieve the dotty effect. Again, make sure to re-apply the ink between every impression.

Step 6: Apply a thin layer of PVA to your mini floral embellishments and glue each one to the wooden vase base.

Step 7: Simply slot your finished wooden decoration into the slot of the wooden stand and your free-standing spring bouquet is complete!