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Let’s Make: Chiyogami Wooden Mermaid Decorations

artcuts wooden mermaid craft shapes

July 3, 2020

Mermaids and Chiyogami Paper… Possibly the most perfect pair?! These three wooden mermaid decorations are a really great way to practise your crafting skills and play with bold patterns and colours! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to decorate your own wooden mermaids.

To create the pink mermaid, you will need:

To create the blue mermaid, you will need:

To create the yellow mermaid, you will need:

How to create:

  1. Start by decorating the mermaid’s tail with your Chiyogami Paper. Cut the paper to approx 8.5cm x 8.5cm. Create a curve to match the top of her tail by trimming the top edge.
  2. Next, apply your PVA glue with a damp paintbrush all over the mermaid’s tail.
  3. Apply the Chiyogami paper straight onto the wooden tail, with the pattern facing up. Gently run your finger over the paper to press the paper in place.
  4. Once the paper is set and dry, trim away most of the excess leaving a few millimetres of paper.
  5. Using your sandpaper, sand away the excess by sanding firmly and quickly at a diagonal angel on the wood. We recommend folding the sandpaper in half and using the corner to get into tricker areas, such as under her arms. A nail file may also be used! For a more in-depth tutorial, watch our how-to video here.
  6. Next, stamp the shell bikini. Apply your ink pad to your scallop shell rubber stamp and stamp directly onto the wood to create 2 shell impressions on the mermaid chest. If you are new to stamping we recommend testing on a piece of paper first.
  7. Apply thin layers of acrylic paint to the mermaid’s hair, ensuring you leave the paint to dry between layers. To add shimmer to her hair apply a thin layer of White Pearl acrylic paint over the top.
  8. Finally, add a mini wooden shell embellishment (scallop shell, starfish or snail shell) to her hair. Colour the embellishment using the ink pad and pop a small blob of PVA glue on the reverse to secure onto her hair.
  9. String up your decorated mermaid with ribbon or fine jute string and you’re finished!
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