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Angel Policy

Thank you for acknowledging our original and creative designs. The following notes are for your guidance when using Artcuts products for commercial re-sale. We are a friendly group of creatives who are happy to support your growing business.

Artcuts wooden craft shapes have been designed and made in our Surrey-based workshop for our customers to enjoy crafting at home. We are happy for our customers to use our wooden craft shapes for their personal use and to gift to friends and family.

Artcuts designs are copyrighted and in order to protect those designs, we are pleased to share our Angel Policy.* This Policy applies to customers who wish to decorate our wooden shapes and sell their handmade crafts in online and offline marketplaces. This includes but is not limited to online platforms, in market stalls or at craft shows.

Please follow these guidelines when using Artcuts designs for the purposes of creating items for sale:

As an independent business ourselves, we are pleased to continue to support the growth of other creative businesses who wish to use our wooden shapes. The purpose of this Angel Policy is to provide guidance and clarity to commercial makers and, in turn, protect Artcuts designs.

If you wish to discuss any of our policies or are interested in using Artcuts Wooden Shapes for commercial re-sale, please contact us via email and we are happy to provide further information on how we can support your business.

Many thanks for your understanding and support. We wish you all the best in your crafting endeavours.

All the best,

*Please note, our Angel Policy does not apply to Artcuts Trade account holders or retailers with whom we have confirmed as exceptions. Please email us for confirmation.

Paid Design Service

We offer a chargeable design service for customers. Minimum order quantity required. For more information, please email us at

Angel Policy for Rubber Stamps

We currently source the rubber stamps on our website from an external supplier. For our supplier’s full Angel Policy regarding the use of stamps for commercial re-sale, please email

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

Last updated January 2021.